Common Flooring Problems

Most common problems people find with their flooring

Common Flooring Problems

From foot traffic to spills, your home’s floors take a beating day in and day out. Below are some of the most common problems a well-loved floor might develop. If your floor has any of these problems, think about a floor replacement.

1. Moisture

Water can damage many types of floors, especially if it’s left standing. if water has made a floor buckle or grows mildew, it’s time to replace it.

2. Wear

Floors in high-traffic areas show signs of wear if they’re not durable enough for the setting. If you’re planning to replace a floor that is often trodden upon, durability should be a primary concern.

3. Fading and discoloration

Sunlight and the wrong cleaning products can make your floor lose its original brightness and clarity.

4. Soil and stain resistance

Dirt and stains are unavoidable. SingaporeFlooring offers excellent tile cleaning service, but when selecting a material for high-traffic areas, always choose the flooring that is easy to clean and resists soiling.

At SingaporeFlooring, we know how big an investment a new floor is, so we eliminate any worry about defective products and labor. Our goal is to satisfy you, and that’s why we warranty our materials and labor.

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